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Vegan Surf Glamping with

Join Lisa in Ucluelet B.C. as she ends her day of surfing by playing in the kitchen with best pal Cathy McLellan of Lisa and Cathy talk about how easy it is to be vegan when travelling. Have veggies, will travel! Cathy is also an Instagram rockstar! Find her at @veganonthego or on the web at

  1. did you talk in any of your videos about your necklaces? I am curious about them. I have made my own stories about them from what I know about you. So what the real story about them.

    • When Joel and I were in Oahu years ago, we rented a house far away from the tourist area. Our neighbor happened to be a renowned Tongan bone carver. My one necklace stands for mind, body, spirit. The other was a gift from him and the 2 hearts represent Joel and my relationship. I feel torn about wearing the bone eventho he finds his bones, (and we had them since before we were vegan) just because they come from an animal. I’m also very attached to them because they are super special and we formed a great relationship with him. Every one of his pieces is unique and original. So, for now, I’ve put them away until I get a sign about what I should do with them.

  2. So much fun Lisa Chell!

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