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The Divided Kitchen: An Interview with Melissa Ann Doran

One of the most challenging aspects of vegan living is when a vegan lives with a non vegan, also called a Divided Kitchen. Melissa shares with us her strategies on compassion and acceptance which keeps her relationship with her husband strong, while also maintaining her confidence and commitment to veganism.

  1. I seriously love the perspective and compassion that is apparent in everything you both do <3

  2. I just absolutely love this interview and the beautiful message of love and compassion for all. Best tribe EVER!

  3. Such a wonderful & positive message! Great job! ✌

  4. Such an awesome video!! Thank you for sharing your story Melissa!! I am in the same boat I don’t buy meat/dairy products or cook it but if my husband ever wanted something like that and he brought it home, I certainly couldn’t put my foot down.. it’s his kitchen too. Love and compassion for all animals & humans ❤️❤️

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