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Interview with Chloe Stein of Chloes Clean Cuisine

Chloe eliminates some food confusion by telling us what a ‘whole foods plant based diet is’ and steps to make the transition so it’s doable (for anyone) and tasty.
Chloe also shares her personal success story of health and weight loss because of a whole foods plant based diet.

  1. I love Chloe so much!! Her passion and inspiration and, of course, her amazing plant-based recipes! Delightful interview, Lisa!!

    • I’m fortunate to be in a community of like minded and extremely talented vegan advocates, chefs, authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs like Chloe, you and others. Chloe is a game changer for sure!

  2. Loved it! Chloe is such an inspiration! Dropping 60 lbs., just WOW!! Proof of what eating a plant-based diet can do for you! She gave some great tips also! Lisa, you were fab as always!

    • Thanks Brooke! It sure is inspiring to see a relatively newer vegan have success on so many levels. Chloe has a strong personal story of her journey as well as the success she is creating with her catering/teaching/coaching business. It helps us all to realize that every person can make a big difference.

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