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Vegan Chick Chat – Feb 4, 2017 Our number 1 tip for new or struggling vegans

Join us in the Chick Chat room where we discuss the number one tip each of us would give to a new vegan or one struggling with their transition.
Guests today are:

Cathy from
Laura from
Melissa from
Lisa from
and Shayda who is a new vegan with assistance from Melissa


  1. I really enjoyed this video ladies!! So many great tips! It’s so true about getting back into the kitchen. People assume that because something is vegan, that it is also healthy. So not true! You can be an unhealthy vegan too! Way to go Shayda! Welcome to the vegan family!

    • Thanks Brooke! If more people were comfortable in the kitchen, I believe that more people would go vegan. They get the reasons and the importance, but I know that there’s a huge fear about food and making food. If people can see how easy it is, I know they’ll find it easier to make plant foods.

  2. These are excellent tips and such an important topic for our community! Lisa, I’m loving your Chit Chat segments–you are really galvanizing the vegan community ✊

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