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What happens at a Pig Vigil? Lisa Interviews Melissa Doran

We’ve seen the haunting images online: pigs crammed into trucks, thirsty, hungry, frozen, anxious and despairing. And we’ve also seen the media coverage of activists arrested for even sharing water with the pigs. What really goes on at a pig vigil? Melissa Doran share her experience at a vigil outside a slaughterhouse in L.A.

  1. This was such a beautiful interview! Very eye opening! Thank you for highlighting the activism side of veganism that doesn’t always get as much attention. I love you both, you beautiful, compassionate women you!!

    • Thanks for watching Brooke and giving feedback. Melissa had a super powerful experience and I also think it’s very meaningful to hear from someone who was there vs only seeing footage on social media. It makes it very personal.

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