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How do I stay healthy on the road? – Interview David Bailis

Have you ever wondered what it must be like living on the road like a musician? Well, it’s probably the same for most people who spend a lot of time on the road, a lot of temptation to sit, eat unhealthy, drink unhealthy etc. But this musician has changed all that up! David is an inspiration with his plant based lifestyle and commitment to exercise and being healthy. He’s also inspiring others to do the same with his blog and upcoming podcast. Check him out at

  1. This was such an awesome interview Lisa! I loved his passion & energy! It’s so great to get a vegan man’s perspective!

    • I know right?!! I loved having a vegan guy as a guest and he has such great energy and outlook. He’s going to inspire a lot of people!!

  2. Well…..he reaches an additional demographic! What an inspiring man….

    • For sure Wicki! He’s very positive and delightful. We need more vegan men like him to appeal to the guy crowd!

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