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Tofu Scramble Breakfast

I’ve taken an old family favorite, Denver omelet, and veganized it. What I love most is using dill pickles…tho black olives or artichokes also work. Enjoy this easy and tasty breakfast that would be great any time of the day!

  1. Loved the video!!! Loved the jammies I can not wait to make my next scramble with your secret ingredient! And I will try shredding my tofu next time, I just break it up with my hands usually but up for trying new ways! One thing I didn’t see or read was if you squeeze out the water in your tofu or not.. I would assume so but maybe again it’s a different way Thank you for letting me see into your home and brunch Happy Sunday!

    • Hey thanks for popping in Steph! I don’t bother squeezing the tofu and the recipe turns out great. I use extra firm and it’s not too watery.
      Enjoy the recipe!

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