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Why Are Vegans So Frustrating?

Have you ever been annoyed by pesky vegans sharing their message about animal cruelty, animal liberation, save the planet and so on?
Well, if you’re not yet vegan, there’s a good reason why the vegan message can trigger a lot of emotion, hot debates and frustration.
Lisa shares why she thinks people get their buttons pushed by vegans.


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for sharing this incredible video
    I love it. ❤️ No more words needed!!
    You are the best
    Lots of love
    Karen (@veganekochmanufaktur)

    • Thanks so much Karen! I appreciate you watching. We’re all in this together trying to spread the message any way we can!

  2. I really loved this video Lisa! It’s such a common problem precisely because people get defensive over the food choices and beliefs they’ve had ingrained since their childhood! Of course the government’s years of siding with businesses over science has also contributed to the overall sense that adequate protein can only come from animal products. It’s easier to treat vegans as the ones who have a problem than vice versa. There was a time when people who thought the earth was round were ridiculed. I believe the tide is finally shifting to prove that a vegan diet is what is most advantageous to our species!

    • Oh yes Kristen, I sure hope the tide is turning. We all need to pull together to keep getting the message out and sharing ways that people can easily and healthily become vegan….and thanks for being part of that with Hello Nutritarian!

  3. Fabulous!! Love, love, love! Thank you Lisa for your heart and truth. <3

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