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Modern Vegan Family interviews Michelle Caron of Harmony Way Healing

Michelle is passionate about veganism and the health benefits of a plantbased diet. She’s created the HEART program for seniors to help them transition to […]

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Interview with Chloe Stein of Chloes Clean Cuisine

Chloe eliminates some food confusion by telling us what a ‘whole foods plant based diet is’ and steps to make the transition so it’s doable […]

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The Divided Kitchen: An Interview with Melissa Ann Doran

One of the most challenging aspects of vegan living is when a vegan lives with a non vegan, also called a Divided Kitchen. Melissa shares […]

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Modern Vegan Family Interviews Wicki Van De Veer in Hanalei Kauai

Social media is cool for connecting vegans across the world. Lisa grew a friendship with Wicki on FB, When Lisa and Joel were in Kauai, […]

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