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Poop Soup (aka Make me poop soup!)

Ever feel like your guts are in a gridlock: ie. the motor is running but traffic isn’t moving!! If you need a little help to […]

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Kale Yeah Salad with 2 dressings

We love Kale! Not only is it healthy but when you make a salad and dress it, it doesn’t wilt. Kale salad stays good for […]

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I Come From a Land Down Under Green Smoothie

Lisa’s inspiration for this smoothie is in ingredients that she loves eating on her travels.

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I love you from my head To-Matoes!! smoothie

Lisa makes an all veggie, all savory smoothie from veggies and bad puns. Warning: The jokes are pretty lame!  

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Joel’s Killer Smoothie

Lisa invites you into Chell’s Kitchen where she makes her husbands ‘house specialty’ smoothie that he has shared with the ladies in his office (to […]

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