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Modern Vegan Family and Jeff from Old Meadows Organic Farms

Join Lisa in the produce section of Old Meadows Organic Farms with Jeff the owner. He share his fascinating story of transition from banker/investor to […]

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Modern Vegan Family interviews Olivia from Naked Cafe

Join Lisa in Kelowna BC as she interviews young entrepreneur Olivia from Naked Cafe. What an amazing young woman who’s making a mark with her […]

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Betty from Saj Common Kitchen

  Join Lisa as she interviews Betty Cherkaoui from Saj Common Kitchen in Kelowna BC. This amazing culinary incubator for chefs and catering services give […]

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Modern Vegan Family interviews Lisa from Burke Hair Lounge in Kelowna

Join Lisa as she interviews Lisa (the Vegan Lisa’s) owner of Burke Hair Lounge in Kelowna. It’s not always easy being a vegan entrepreneur and […]

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