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Surprise Marinated Tofu

For years, I marinated everything in surprise sauce but it had ingredients that weren’t vegan. When our family went vegan, I forgot all about using […]

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Asian Inspired Peanut Sauce

What’s a rice wrap without a great sauce? Our Modern vegan family loves this peanut coconut sauce. Simple to make and oh so delicious. This […]

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Falafel Sauce

In part two of the Falafel series, Lisa shows you her famous sauce (well…famous in her family) and how to stuff and dress your falafel […]

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Parsley garlic sauce on roasted veggie bowl

Bowls are the easiest and tastiest ways to eat your veggies in the most delicious way. The best part??? A tasty sauce.    

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Hummus based sauce with Asian twist

Lisa shows you how to make a quick sauce for a Buddha bowl or veggie bowl. Also easy tips to make the Buddha bowl    

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