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Tofu Scramble Breakfast

I’ve taken an old family favorite, Denver omelet, and veganized it. What I love most is using dill pickles…tho black olives or artichokes also work. […]

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Surprise Marinated Tofu

For years, I marinated everything in surprise sauce but it had ingredients that weren’t vegan. When our family went vegan, I forgot all about using […]

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Vegan Egg Salad aka VEGG

Most vegans will occasionally have a craving for food from their past. One of the comfort foods Lisa craved was egg salad sandwiches, until she […]

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Tofu Croutons

I absolutely adore tofu croutons. They add a tasty bite to any buddha bowl, veggie plate, wrap, rice dish…you name it. Super easy to make, […]

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Everything Mayonnaise

It’s awesome for vegans that we now have great mayo options from the store. Even better is that we can easily and economically make mayo […]

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